Aktiv Anchor Gym Door – Mini H1

Workout Door Mount Anchor Designed for Suspension Straps, Resistance Bands, Strength Training, Yoga, Home Gym, Physical Therapy Exercise, and Stretching.

  • EFFICIENT & EASY TO USE: Clamps over your door, finger tighten, and you’re ready to exercise!
  • VERSATILE: Attach Aktiv Suspension Straps, plus all types of resistance bands, body weight trainers, pulleys, yoga and stretch straps to this door anchor. Allows for a variety of angles and hundreds of exercises for a great, full body workout in the comfort of your home.
  • STURDY & DURABLE: The solid steel anchor hook can support a load up to 300 lbs but the strength of your door will determine the maximum load that can be supported. The patented safety hook protrudes out 2 inches with a gap large enough to easily attach any accessory. Clamp adjusts to fit all common door thicknesses; adjustment range: 1.75” to 1.25”
  • Requires gap of about 1/8” between top of door and door frame (we’ve found that this clamp fits 90% of the doors we’ve tested) Hook can also be clamped to the bottom of door and (in some cases) it can be mounted to the side of the door.