Quick Release Leash

The Quick Release Leash is a heavy-duty leash that combines fixed resistance with overload release for explosive speed training. The user providing the resistance simply tugs on the red ripcord to release the 10-foot long nylon leash from the runner’s belt or harness. This release frees leash from belt for a burst of speed. This training tool provides runners with a safe burst of speed without the danger of a dangling leash that may tangle in the runner’s legs.

The durable nylon leash features heavily-reinforced stitching and a 10-inch wide easy-to-grip handle. The leash does NOT come with a belt or harness. If you do not currently have a belt or harness with either a saturn ring or D-ring, purchase the Sprint Resistor for maximum training versatility. The Quick Release leash also works well with the Workhorse Harness, Viper 360 Belt, or any of our other belts and harnesses.