Smart Resistance Cable Caddy

Are you tired of not being able to find the cable in your fitness facility?  Do they get left everywhere? Do you not know what resistance level your cables are?  If so, then the Smart Resistance Cable Caddy is for you! The Cable Caddy allows you to neatly store all of your resistance cables. It comes with easy access to all resistance level cables from 10lb to 100lb and extra space for cable attachments, like triple pocket handles, and ankle cuffs. This is the best solution to organize and store your equipment. Cable resistance levels are clearly labeled for easy tube selection and controls cable chaos.

Smart Resistance Cable Caddy Kit Includes:

(2 Each) 30in Resistance Cables 10lb-100lb
(2 Each) 60in Resistance Cables 10lb-100lb
(4 Pairs) Smart Quick Flip Handles -Single
(2 Pairs) Smart Quick Flip Handles -Triple
(2) Smart Ankle Cuff Attachment
(1) Cable Caddy

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